Self Service Laundry Machines Min

Self Service Laundromats in San Bernardino and Riverside

Our coin wash is adding and replacing equipment every year on a regular timetable. Our state of the art machines will gently and thoroughly wash your clothing. We understand everyone's schedule is different, so our shops are OPEN 24/7.

Our laundromats in San Bernardino and Riverside, uphold the same standard of excellence. We have large washing machines and dryers that can handle over 75 pounds at once. And all of our machines accept quarters and dollar coins. Don't worry, we have multiple change machines too.

Our coin laundry have plenty of parking and easy entries - no steps or curbs to maneuver over. Our facilities are ALWAYS open, with plenty of carts, free books for kids, and they are all spotlessly clean. We have multiple camera systems, and we stream live pictures 24/7 via the website. Just look below for a live view.

We offer FREE pick and delivery service for laundry and dry cleaning thru out the Inland Empire. If you don't have the time to spend at our laundromats then you can simply order our service and we will provide your complete laundry solution. 

Learn More About Our Locations!

Live Stream

Riverside Store

9226 Magnolia Ave., Riverside, CA 92503

San Bernadino Store

4399 N. Sierra Way, San Bernadino, CA 92407

Rachel’s Lavanderia (Riverside)

1320 Massachusetts Ave., Riverside, CA 92507