Hotel Laundry On Shelf 1800X900

Commercial Laundry, Linen, Uniform, and Towel Cleaning Services for Businesses and Industries in the Inland Empire.

Empire Laundry specializes in the Airbnb and VRBO industry. Our large washers will easily handle all of your bedding needs. At our hotel laundry we love towels, aprons, and uniforms too. Our pickup and delivery service is easy and reliable. We can bill monthly or by the order too! And remember, we can handle all dry cleaning needs as well.

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Hotels, Motels, Vacation Rentals

If you own or run a vacation rental of any kind then you would definitely benefit from our commercial laundry service. We have several large machines that can handle whatever you throw at us. Our hotel laundry service can take care of your blankets, sheets, comforters, towels, rugs and more. Try our Airbnb laundry service and let us lighten your load.

Restaurants and Bars

Our linen cleaning service is ideal for restaurants and bars. It doesn't matter if you own a family friendly diner or a four star café you still have to deal with food and drink stains. Let our commercial laundry take those off of your hands. Our linen cleaning will get those table cloths and linen napkins looking like new again.

Spas, Gyms, Recreation Centers

Spas, gyms and rec centers all have one thing in common. Dirty towels! So let our towel cleaning service take those off of your hands. We will return them to you smelling fresh and clean. We also do sports uniforms if your after school program, high school, middle school or sports team need those laundered as well.